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Geosite has extensive experience in geotechnical, pavements and materials services, as well as construction supervision in a host of large and small scale projects. Geosite's capability extends from initial materials and geotechnical surveys through to detailed pavement and foundation design, materials utilisation proposals, final construction site management and acceptance testing.

Geosite's leading geotechnical engineer and owner has 22 years' experience in the roads, airports and mining infrastructure sectors and also has experience in SANAS accredited Engineering Materials Laboratories, where Mr Oberholzer held SANAS technical signatories, such as for Geostrada head laboratory in Pretoria. Key expertise is in geotechnical investigations and foundation design, pavement structural and materials design, pavement investigations, construction supervision and SANAS accredited Civil Engineering Laboratory management and auditing.

Mr. Oberholzer commenced employment with the Roads department of Pretoria municipality, Munitoria in 1990 where he started as a student and working part time in the roads laboratory. He joined the South African Bureau of Standards' Civil Engineering Materials Technology Department after his studies at the Head Office in Pretoria in 1994 and supervised the Building materials division. He gained experience in Laboratory Testing and Quality Management and has worked on various national and international projects.

From 1998 - 2009 he gained experience in site supervision on large scale projects and held positions such as assistant Resident Engineer, on various large scale road building projects, and he was Resident Engineer on the landmark OR Tambo Echo Pier development for Aurecon which involved the construction of the airbus A380 hardstands (mixed stands for wide body and narrow body aircraft) and taxiways as well as all storm water services, water reticulation, electrical installations ,sewer systems as well as the fuel hydrants. This project also coincided with the maiden flight of the A380 (first time in the southern hemisphere) where final certification of this vessel was done during this time. This included the docking of the A380 at the newly constructed air bridge at A1 that formed part of this project. During this project very difficult construction time frames were implemented which had to be managed as well as the coordination with the Pier building team. During the last 5 years Mr Oberholzer gained extensive experience in Geotechnical investigations, Structural Pavement design and Pavement materials design on various road, airport and mining projects.