About Us

Who we are

Geosite is a Civil Engineering Consultancy specializing in Geotechnical Engineering, Pavement Engineering, Construction Supervision and Civil engineering Laboratories that was founded in 2009 and is based in the Pretoria, Gauteng. Since the company's incepteption it was involved in small scale and large scale local and international projects.

Why "Geosite Geotechnical Engineers"?

Geosite is passionate about what they do and *who they do it with*. Their energy is infectious, their commitment is unwavering and their potential is limitless. We believe that great people build great companies, and that's why we're A-Player obsessed.

Our Culture

If you have to use one word to describe our culture, it would be: 'Perfection'. At Geosite, we are very passionate about the work we do and take enormous pride in the work we do for our clients. Our ethos is one of integrity and excellence.  

Our Objective

We consistently aim to present our clients with the best possible solutions regarding their Engineering needs.  

Our Services

Geosite has developed numerous capabilities through extensive experience and offers the following geotechnical services:

Geotechnical Capabilities

  • Geotechnical site investigations (planning, execution, interpretation and reporting)
  • Bridge foundation design
  • Building foundations design
  • Geotechnical laboratory management, testing and auditing
  • Road subgrade failure investigation
  • Borrow pit investigation
  • Urban and township developments
  • Waste disposal

Pavements and Materials Capabilities

  • Concrete and flexible pavement design (including airport pavements)
  • Gravel and mine haul road design
  • Road and airport pavement rehabilitation
  • Road and Runway visual surveys
  • Pavement materials investigation
  • Specialist pavement failure investigations 
  • Borrow pit investigation
  • Pavement materials evaluation and utilisation
  • Pavement materials and concrete design
  • Asphalt and seal design
  • Building material investigation and testing

Construction Supervision Capabilities

  • Construction monitoring and supervision
  • Site laboratory management and testing

Geotechnical & Civil Engineering Laboratory Services

  • Management
  • Procurement
  • SANAS Accreditation

Our Values

Geosite strives to work within the bounds of:

  • Open communication with our clients
  • Always delivering a first-class service to our clients
  • Complete dedication to our clients
  • Keeping our prices competitive
  • Working within ethical business practices
  • Keeping a close watch on industry trends

Our Team

Geosite employs a highly professional team. Our team of experts strive to provide each client with highly innovative geotechnical solutions and services.

Division Management Team

  • Jacques Oberholzer (Geotecnical Engineer)
  • Etienne Oberholzer (Project and Logistics Manager)
  • Dr. E. Horak (International Specialist)

Our Track Record

Geosite has been involved with the following projects:

  • Dolomite stability analysis on proposed railway manufacturing facility (Ndodana).
  • Skypower Global Canada (Geosite) Geotechnical investigation on photo voltaic (Solar) farm - Kenhardt 1 (250Ha).
  • Skypower Global Canada (Geosite) Geotechnical investigation on photo voltaic (Solar) farm - Kenhardt 2 (250Ha).
  • Skypower Global Canada (Geosite) Geotechnical investigation on photo voltaic (Solar) farm - Kenhardt 3 (250Ha).
  • Skypower Global Canada (Geosite) Geotechnical investigation on photo voltaic (Solar) farm - Cradock (250Ha).
  • Skypower Global Canada (Geosite) Geotechnical investigation on photo voltaic (Solar) farm - Beaufort West (124Ha).
  • Ekurhuleni municipal roads (Ndodana) - Pavement and materials design on various road projects.
  • Alufer Bauxite mine in Guinea Feasibility Study (Nurizon) - Geotechnical investigation of all Mine infrastructure, Internal Roads, Haul roads, Quarries and Borrowpits
  • Alufer Buxite mine in Guinea (Nurizon) - Pavement and Earthworks design
  • Alufer Bauxite mine in Guinea (Nurizon) - Tender documentation and BOQ - Earthworks and Pavements
  • Vale mining proposed 1000km railway line from Moatise to Nacala (Mozambique) (Aurecon) - Geotechnical site supervision  
  • Coffey Northridge Platinum mine Scoping study (Nurizon) - Pavement design and Earthworks design.
  • Alufer Madagascar Bauxite mine Scoping study (Nurizon) - Pavement design.
  • Makala scoping study (Nurizon) - Pavement design.
  • Karoo Gateway Airport (Nurizon) - Pavement investigation.
  • Beaufort West Photo voltaic plant (Nurizon) - Geotechnical investigation.
  • Labe mining Scoping study (Nurizon) - Pavement design.
  • Bram Fisherville (JRA) (Nurizon) - Pavement investigation and Pavement design.
  • Coffey mining Blue Ridge Due diligence (Nurizon) - Pavement design and Earthwork design.
  • SAPD Bronville (Nurizon)- Geotechnical investigation
  • Coal of Africa Mooiplaats mine (Nurizon) - Geotechnical investigation
  • Exxaro Leeuwpan mine (Nurizon) - Geotechnical investigation.
  • Siyandiza Delmas (Nurizon) - Pavement visual surveys.
  • Siyandiza Witbank (Nurizon) - Pavement visual surveys.
  • Urban Dynamics NHBRC (Nurizon) - 600 ha Geotechnical investigation.
  • Sao Tome Airport prefeasibility study for airport upgrade (Nurizon) - materials management
  • Hosea Kutako International Airport (Aurecon) - pavement visual assessment with Dr Emile Horak.
  • OR Tambo - Rapid-exit Taxiway and main runway rehabilitation (ACSA) in JV with SSI
  • Bedford dam Access roads (Geosite) - Specialised pavement failure investigation with Dr Emile Horak
  • SARTS laboratory (Geosite) - SANAS audit
  • Parkview Mall (Nurizon)- Specialised pavement failure investigation
  • N4-2 - Rehabilitation and upgrade for SANRAL as part of a JV agreement
  • N12 Gillooly's (Geosite) - Specialised pavement failure investigation with Dr Emile Horak
  • N14 (R500 - Northwest border) (Aurecon) - Materials investigation
  • DMC Rietkuil Mine (Nurizon)- Pavement Design, borrow-pit investigation, materials utilisation & geotechnical investigation
  • Jindal Piet Retief Colliery (Nurizon) - Pavement design
  • Vlakfontein coal mine (Nurizon)- Pavement design
  • Sky Crome mine Mooinooi (Nurizon) - Pavement design
  • Coega Smelter (Nurizon) - Pavement design
  • Dorstfontein railway loop (Geosite)- Geotechnical investigation
  • Mukuju mine, Tanzania (Nurizon)- Pavement design
  • Exxaro Leeupan mine (Nurizon) - Geotechnical investigation
  • Kelloggs factory (Nurizon)- Geotechnical investigation
  • Hernic Railway siding (Geosite) - Materials investigation
  • Waterkloof Airforce base upgrade of runway 0119 (Aurecon / Ndodana) - site supervision, assistant resident engineer and site laboratory management
  • OR Tambo Echo Apron development (ACSA) (Aurecon) - Site supervision, resident engineer, pavement failure investigation, rehabilitation management and site laboratory management
  • Hosea Kutaku Airport rehabilitation of main runway (Aurecon) - Pavement investigation
  • Madikwe nature reserve airfield upgrade (Aurecon) - Materials investigation, pavement design, materials design and utilisation
  • N2 rehabilitation EB Cloete to Balito (Aurecon) - Supervision, materials engineer, site laboratory management and asphalt design
  • Kanye Lobatse bypass roads (26km) (Aurecon)- Supervision, materials engineer, site laboratory management as well as concrete, seal and stabilised layer designs
  • Extension of landside parking area Eros Airport (Aurecon)- Materials management
  • Windhoek residential and arterial roads (30 km) (Aurecon) - Rehabilitation design (asphalt), supervision, materials engineer and site laboratory management
  • Serule Tonota (120km),Botswana (Aurecon) - Site laboratory management
  • N4 Maputo Corridor (200km) (Matrolab) - Supervision, materials and site laboratory management
  • N3 Heidelberg to Villiers (60km dual highway and 15 bridges) (BKS) - Supervision, site laboratory management, materials design and utilisation
  • Geotechnical Seismic survey (Matrolab) - Loskopdam Canal fieldwork, interpretation and report.
  • Geotechnical Seismic survey (Matrolab) - Bon Accord Quarry fieldwork, interpretation and report.

Our Clients

Geosite's clients come from a wide variety of industries. They range from small businesses, new companies and large corporations. When clients engage us they do so knowing and expecting that Geosite will remain 100% committed to their cause, to deliver an effective solution to surpass their expectations, on time and within budget.

Service excellence

Our prime objective is to build a mutual beneficial and ongoing relationship with each of our clients. You are sincerely invited to contact us telephonically or via email, to arrange a free, face-to-face consultation. The technical and functional expertise of our staff, when combined with our wide-range knowledge of the event industry, leaves Geosite as the only logical choice as a partner.