Geosite has developed numerous capabilities through extensive experience and offers the following geotechnical services:

Geotechnical Capabilities

  • Geotechnical site investigations (planning, execution, interpretation and reporting)
  • Bridge foundation design
  • Building foundations design
  • Geotechnical laboratory management, testing and auditing
  • Road subgrade failure investigation
  • Borrow pit investigation
  • Urban and township developments
  • Waste disposal

Pavements and Materials Capabilities

  • Concrete and flexible pavement design (including airport pavements)
  • Gravel and mine haul road design
  • Road and airport pavement rehabilitation
  • Road and Runway visual surveys
  • Pavement materials investigation
  • Specialist pavement failure investigations with Dr E Horak.
  • Borrow pit investigation
  • Pavement materials evaluation and utilisation
  • Pavement materials and concrete design
  • Asphalt and seal design
  • Building material investigation and testing

Construction Supervision Capabilities

  • Construction monitoring and supervision
  • Site laboratory management and testing

Geotechnical & Civil Engineering Laboratory Services

  • Management
  • Procurement
  • SANAS Accreditation